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  • No certification required!

Discover Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

Go on a supervised, introductory scuba dive in Puerto Rico!

Details at a Glance

Discover Scuba (includes equipment)

Learn to Scuba Dive in Puerto Rico Without a Certification

No prior experience needed!

From pristine reefs to underwater caves, North-West Puerto Rico has great diving all year round.

Our tours enter the water right from the beach! If you’re new to diving, we have a safe and easy spot that’s perfect for learning and building skills.

Join us and float effortlessly through the underwater world in warm, clear water.

Our sites are filled with aquatic life and it’s common to see sergeant majors, angelfishes, damselfishes, flounders, moray eels, porcupine fish and lion fish.

If you’re a little lucky you might even see a sea turtle, spotted eagle ray, dolphin, or seahorse! The water is always so warm and comfortable, You won’t even need a wet suit.

If you’re looking to get a scuba certification to dive on your own or get an advanced scuba certification,one of our professionally trained instructors will guide you throughout the right steps in a safe fun way!. At Aquatica, you can get proper instruction from Open Water all the way through your Divemaster certification.