Stand Up Paddleboard Tours

Since we have great weather all year round, the best way to enjoy it is to be outside in nature.

SUP Eco Tour in Aguadilla and Isabela

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Puerto Rico begs to be explored with its diverse Caribbean ecosystem and scenic mountain and coastal landscapes. Come join us on a SUP and we’ll show you the beauty and variety of Puerto Rico.

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Stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) is quickly becoming one of the most popular and inclusive water sports. Anyone can learn in less than an hour, and it’s a fun, exciting experience gliding across the water standing up. Because it’s so easy to learn, it’s the perfect way to explore the calm, flat river waters around the area. While navigating up and down the river, you’ll have an opportunity to see the diverse Puerto Rican plants, trees, birds, lizards and iguanas. It’s an eco-adventure you can take the whole family on!

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After learning how to stand and paddle with the board, we’ll guide you on a tour through our favorite waterways where you’ll get a chance to see a variety of plants and animals living in north-west Puerto Rico. Bring along your friends and family for a safe, relaxing, and beautiful eco-adventure!